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Hii! Welcome to Lovelyeyes!! (This site isn't remotely coded for mobile so please don't try viewing it on your phone at all >-<") This is my space on the web to shout about Vocaloid and whatever else I feel like into the void! I love the nostalgic feel of neocities and I grew up listening to Vocaloid so I feel like it's the perfect combination :)

This site was written while using firefox, so idk how well it'll work on other browsers! I also have a really wide screen so if yours is thinner it might look a bit weird but I tried my best to make it work!! I've done some coding for class but I'm definitely no professional >-<"

Meet the Webmaster!

  • Name: Lovely
  • YOB: 2005
  • Pronouns: Any
  • Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Favorite Things: VOCALOID!!, Pokemon, pastel pink and blue, maximalism, tea, cats, pixelart, Minecraft
  • Least favorite things: Minimalism, AI ""art"", regular social media, coffee

I also like other kinds of J-Pop and K-Pop, but vocaloid will always be my darling <3

My Fave Songs

Games I Like

  • - All main series Pokemon games!! (XY is my favorite I don't care what anyone says <3)
  • - Minecraft (yes I watch mcyt no it's not dsmp don't worry I'm not a freak)
  • - Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • - Scribblenauts
  • - Doki Doki Literature Club


I really hate thanksgiving. For the obvious colonialism reasons but also being forced to go to my dad's house. Not that mom's is much better but at least I'm able to be in my room more often here.


I'm exhausted. Glad to finally be on break... i think I'm gonna watch serial experiments lain since it's so popular on here :) it might not be my thing but I'm willing to give it a shot!!

I dunno what else I'm gonna do over my break, they always feel so short. The fact that we've gotta sit in rooms that're either too hot or too cold for 7 hours a day with only two days off 90% of the time... how the hell are we expected to learn anything?? I'm pretty much just on here or discord all day because it's not like I'm gonna learn anything anyway lmao.


It's so nice to have a place away from twitter (especially given the state it's in)!! some of my friends (you know who you are) keep telling me I should make a tumblr... honestly I might? I know there's of bunch of crazy stories that've come out of it but the same is true for twitter. Plus I could make my own theme hehe...

If I decide I wanna post my art somewhere then I think I will since there's no way I'm going back to dA. But for now I wanna work on this place!!

All the Links!

A bunch of links of stuff and places I'm interested in and helpful sources. These are all external links

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11/27/2022: Added a guestbook and hits counter!

11/22/2022: New journal entry! Plus I made my site button :3

11/20/2022: Site has been launched!

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